Polyglot Tech Blog

Polyglot Tech Blog is an Eleventy starter project for multilingual personal pages and blogs


  1. If not already done, install Node.js

  2. Clone the repository with git clone https://gitlab.com/florent_tassy/polyglot-tech-blog.git or download and unzip the repository content

  3. Install dependencies: npm ci

  4. Start development server: npm run dev

  5. Visit http://localhost:8080 to see your work-in-progress

  6. Do your things and see your changes instantly!

  7. When your projet is ready, deploy easily on GitHub Pages, GitLab Pages, Netlify or manually.

Check the code

Here are some random page checks with well known tools.

RSS feeds with W3C Feed Validation Service

English RSS feed
French RSS feed

i18n with W3C Internationalization Checker

English blog page
French home page

Semantic web with Schema.org validator

English "about" page
French "add language" post


11ty static site generator

Powered by simple and fast Eleventy static site generator

Light and dark modes

Default to user's preference, can be manually overriden


Default to user's browser language, can be manually overriden

Syntax highlight

Thanks to Eleventy and Prism


Uses RDFa and Schema.org vocabulary to structure its content

Easy to skin

Includes Chota CSS micro framework and processes both SASS and CSS


Check out the blog articles!